Welcome to InspectorCell’s documentation!

What is the main feature?

InspectorCell is an application for efficient manual analysis of higly-multiplexed images. Primarly, it can be used to evaluate correctness of unsupervised segmentation and annotation results. Moreover, it can be used to generate training data for supervised segmentation and annotation. See how it works in the Quick Guide

Why is this tool interesting for me?

If you find yourself working with large image stacks, chances are you will also find there little applications to efficently work with such kind of data. However, such tools are needed if:

  • You want to efficiently evaluate output from by unsupervised image analysis
  • You want to generate high quality training datasets on highly-multiplexed image data
  • You want to manually segment and annotate you image stack with respect to all the important channels

If you feel addressed by that, look no further! We address all these issues in the Quick Guide!